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Black Country Innovate CIC

Black Country Innovate are working with Walsall for All on the Walsall Hate Crime Reduction Initiative and the Saltmine Theatre Project “In Their Shoes”.

Project name: Walsall Hate Crime Reduction Initiative

Black Country Innovate are working in partnership with the Police to analyse hate crime data, explore ways of reducing incidents, train individuals and support those affected by hate crime. Individuals and organisations are encouraged to have an awareness of Hate Crime, as well as raising awareness with others.

Project name: In Their Shoes (project completed)

Black Country Innovate are working with Saltmine Theatre Company to deliver a play called “In Their Shoes”, which will convey messages on challenging views and stereotypes of others. It aims to build resilience in the children they come across extreme views of other communities. The theatre will be delivered across ten schools in the borough, with at least two secondary schools and eight primary schools involved. The project will also include workshops to help children understand topics around diversity, respect, differences and friendship.

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To find out more about the projects, please email Nasar Iqbal -

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Learn about the community-led approach to reduce hate crime in Walsall.  

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