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Our Priorities

Our programme will build on existing knowledge but will also give us an opportunity to learn from local and national projects.


As well as focusing on our four priorities below, we will:

  • Recognise on our strengths as we develop new activities.

  • Use our knowledge and experience of community spaces, networks and groups.

  • Ensure equal opportunities for all groups and individuals, regardless of their background.

  • Support communities and individuals to be engaged, enabled and empowered, as they are the key to achieving our vision.

  • Bring partners and people together to advise us and drive our programme forward.

  • Learn from others and adapt the programme to ensure it is creating impact.

Connecting across communities

Our long-term ambition is for Walsall to be a vibrant and diverse place where people come together around what they have in common and form meaningful friendships.

Connecting across Communities.jpg

Young people learning and growing together

Our long-term ambition is that young people in Walsall have diverse friendships and understanding and acceptance of all. They have the confidence and aspiration to fulfil their potential and are empowered to take social action and make a positive difference in Walsall.

Young People Learning and Growing Togeth

Working and contributing together

Our long-term ambition is that everyone has the fair opportunity to contribute to Walsall through meaningful work or volunteering. Everyone should be able to speak English to access these opportunities.

Working and Contributing Together

Living together

Our long-term ambition is for well-integrated communities where everyone has good quality housing and plays a positive part in making Walsall a good place to live. Everyone understands their rights and responsibilities – hate crime is reduced, and people of different backgrounds live together in harmony.

Living Together.JPG
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